Rebecca Talbot

Rebecca Talbot

Rebecca is a freelance writer with a love for cooking, gardening and culture. She works with VanDuzer Design & Marketing, which handles the marketing and blog writing for Wolff’s Apple House, Weaver's Orchard, Conebella Farm and Lone Star Farm. Her role includes copy writing and blog writing. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Roosevelt University and a BA in Professional Writing from Kutztown University.

Recipe Roundup: Our Best Pumpkin Recipes

One of my most embarrassing middle school memories involves a pumpkin. My mother had rounded up our family for a fun fall jaunt over to a local farm stand to pick out pumpkins for carving or painting. When we arrived, pumpkins…

Our Five Best Late-Summer Recipes, as chosen by YOU

Our TV has been tuned to Rio lately, delivering contests from the traditional (gymnastics, track and swimming) to the unexpected (judo, racewalking and handball). So I’ve been thinking about contests. And then next month, on September 10, Weaver’s will also be hosting a…