Bakery & Sweets

Bakery & Sweets: Freshly Baked Pies, Pastries, Breads & Homemade Fudge

Our bakers are hard at work making fresh baked goods every day.  From apple dumplings to apple cider doughnuts, fruit pies to whoopie pies, our farm market offers delicious bakery items that will satisfy your cravings for sweet, hearty Berks County desserts.

Stop by and try our creamy fudge—made on site with real butter— and our own original-recipe shoofly whoopie pies!

Do you have a favorite pie that you just can’t wait to take home with you?  Call ahead with a 24 hour notice and we’ll have your favorite pie waiting for you to pick up! 610-856-7300

Take Home a Fresh-Baked Pie:

Apple_permission from gardener

Apple Carmel Walnut, with caramel inside and out, and plenty of walnuts


Peach Melba, with red raspberries and peaches and topped with sliced almonds.


Strawberry Rhubarb, tart and sweet like you want it!


Very Berry, with four different berries

Red White & Blue is made with our fresh berries, available for a limited time in July. 


And many more!


  • 9″ Apple Colonial “4 lb Hi-Top”
  • 9″ Apple Lattice Top
  • 9″ Apple Caramel Walnut
  • 9″ Apple Oatmeal Crumb
  • 9″ Dutch Apple Crumb
  • 9″ Apple Berry Delight
  • 9″ Apple Cranberry
  • 9″ Blackberry
  • 9″ Blueberry
  • 9″ Blue Lemon Buckle
  • 9″ Lattice Top Cherry
  • 9″ Cherry Crumb
  • 9″ Cherry Vanilla
  • 9″ Chocolate Cream
  • 9″ Coconut Custard
  • 9″ Lattice Top Peach
  • 9″ Peach Blueberry
  • 9″ Peach Melba
  • 9″ Peach Praline
  • 9″ Pecan
  • 9″ Pumpkin
  • 9″ Red Raspberry
  • 9″ Strawberry
  • 9″ Strawberry Mango
  • 9″ Strawberry Rhubarb
  • 9″ Sweet Potato Crunch
  • 9″ Very Berry
  • 8″ Wet Bottom Shoo Fly


  • 9″ No Sugar Apple
  • 9″ No Sugar Blueberry
  • 9″ No Sugar Cherry
  • 9″ No Sugar Peach


  • 6″ & 8″ Chicken
  • 8″ Beef


  • Apple Dumplings (4 pk)
  • Pumpkin Roll 8″
  • Hungarian Nut Roll
  • Apple Cider Donuts, 1 dozen
  • Apple Cider Donuts, 1/2 dozen
Download Bakery Order Form

Submit order forms by emailing us or faxing it to 610-856-1290.

You can also place an order online for our freshly baked pies.

Find Your Favorite Baked Goods:

Oley Baker - 600px

Local Artisan Breads

Apple Dumplings (4)

Apple Desserts—apple dumplings, apple turnovers, apple cider donuts and apple strudel

Bluberry Muffins copy

Quick Breads, Coffee Cakes & Muffins

whoopie pie

Cookies & Whoopie Pies

Cider donuts

Apple Cider Donuts (in season) 


And much more!

Let Our Bakery Meet Your Entertaining Needs

We have everything you need to satisfy your guests, from pies and apple dumplings to cookie trays.  Call ahead to order: 610-856-7300.  Complete your party with appetizer and sandwich trays from our full-service deli!

Christmas Cookies

During the Christmas season, we prepare special miniature cookie trays with seasonal cookie favorites—a great gift idea!