Weaver’s Orchard is proud to partner with local nonprofits, civic groups, schools, sports teams and individuals in their efforts to raise money to the benefit of our community. Selling our products makes for an easy fundraiser for your group!

Please notify us of your interest, so that we can schedule you in, before distributing order forms to your group. Orders must be placed by 9:00 a.m. on the Tuesday of the week prior to your pick-up date. Minimal add-ons may be added up to the day before your pickup is scheduled. Full payment is required before you pick up your tickets/items.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Happy Selling!

Deli Sandwiches




Whoopie Pies

Deli Sandwich Fundraisers 

We offer two unique options to best fit your fundraising needs:

1. Sandwich Ticket Vouchers

Your group purchases ticket vouchers at a cost of $6.00 per sandwich. Suggested selling price is $8.00 per sandwich giving you a profit of $2.00 per voucher sold.

Vouchers may be redeemed for one regular sandwich of any kind at our Farm Market Deli.

Vouchers have no expiration date.

There is a required minimum of 50 tickets, but any unsold tickets may be returned for a full refund within 10 days after the close of your sale.

2. Pre-Orders of “Ready-Made” Sandwiches

Your group takes orders in advance of a predetermined date. Sandwiches are then made-to-order the day of your sale.

Choices are:

    • Italian
    • Ham & Cheese
    • Turkey & Cheese

Each sandwich is made on a 7” freshly baked roll. It includes a mayonnaise packet & a mustard packet. Veggies are separated from the meats and cheeses to maintain quality.

Orders need to be placed one week in advance of the pick-up date.


        • 150 or more = $6.00 per sandwich
        • 50—149 = $6.25 per sandwich
        • 49 or less = $7.99 per sandwich

Frozen Pie Fundraisers

      • All pies are 9 inches in diameter, frozen and boxed, ready to bake with easy baking instructions. (Pumpkin pies are the exception as they come already baked.)
      • All pies are made with real fresh fruit (not just a filling). The fruit is never cooked until your buyers bake their pies. They are free of trans fats, hydrogenated oils and corn syrup. Only real sugars and spices are used. They are mixed in small batches and have nice flaky crusts just like Grandma used to make.”
      • All pies must be picked up the Saturday before Thanksgiving.
      • Oct. 15th is the cut off date to sign up to begin a fundraiser.

Pies cost your organization $12.00 each with a suggested selling price of $16 each leaving you with a $4.00 profit per pie! Selling them at a cost of 2 or more for $15 each often increases your volume of sales and total profit. Total orders of less than 50 pies will be billed at $13.00 each.

Flavors available are:

        • Apple Lattice Top
        • Honeycrisp Lattice
        • Strawberry Rhubarb Lattice Top
        • Blackberry Lattice Top
        • Cherry Lattice
        • Pumpkin (fall seasonal)

For more information, check out the Frozen Pie Fundraising Information Sheet and print off our “ready-made” Frozen Pie Fundraiser Order Forms for your sellers.

Fudge Fundraisers

Our fudge is soft and creamy, made with real cream and butter!

        • All fudge is packaged in 7 oz. tamper-proof containers of the same flavor.
        • Each container costs you $3.75 and has a suggested retail price of $7.00 leaving you with a $2.25 profit per container!

There is a minimum order total of 20 boxes (assorted flavors) to receive the above pricing structure.

Orders under 20 boxes will be priced at $5.00 a container.

Flavors available are:

        • Chocolate
        • Chocolate Walnut
        • Vanilla
        • Chocolate Peanut Butter
        • Mint Chocolate Swirl

For more information, check out the Fudge Fundraiser Information Sheet and print off our “ready-made” Fudge Fundraiser Order Forms for your sellers.

Whoopie Pie Fundraisers

Our whoopie pies are all baked fresh here in our farm market kitchen. They are generously sized at about 4 1/2 inches in diameter!

All whoopie pies are individually wrapped and labeled.


        • 100 or more = $1.79 each
        • 50-99 = $1.99 each
        • Less than 50 = $2.29 each

Flavors available are:

        • Chocolate with White Icing
        • Chocolate with Peanut Butter Icing
        • Pumpkin with White Icing

For more information, check out the Whoopie Pie Fundraiser Information Sheet and print off our “ready-made” Whoopie Pie Fundraiser Order Forms for your sellers.

What people say about our fundraisers:

“Everyone who had the pies said they were AWESOME and that they would definitely buy them again.”

“Pies were AWESOME. Loved the cherry and pumpkin!”

“I already baked the cherry crumb and apple caramel walnut. BOTH were delicious.”

“The apple pie went into the freezer for Thanksgiving but the blackberry pie was baked immediately.  It was excellent!!!!!”

“The pies were YUMMY!!  The pumpkin had just the right amount of spices in it that they all melded together beautifully so that one spice was not overpowering another.  The family enjoyed the pecan as well, hubby said it was just the right gooey he likes.”

“They are fantastic!”