Grocery & Local Products

Local Dairy & Eggs

Eggs and Milk Products (rBST hormone-free!)

Our market features Kreider Farm’s dairy products, including milk, half-and-half and heavy cream. Weaver’s Orchard stands behind Kreider’s products and farming practices. Their cows are rBST artificial growth hormone-free and are given feed grown on the farm. The milk is chilled within eight minutes, compared to the standard two hours at many conventional farms!

Kreider also supplies our high-quality farm-fresh eggs.

Pasture-raised Northampton County eggs from Misty Valley Farms, as well as MeadowView Jersey’s organic cage-free eggs are both available in the market.

Farm Fresh Yogurt

September Farm and Conebella Farm provide the market with all natural yogurts. From September Farm, find yogurt that is truly farm to table. Their yogurt is made of the finest Grade A whole milk, provided by local farms. 

Conebella Farm’s greek yogurt and their yogurt smoothies are made from their pasteurized Ayrshire cow’s milk.

Local Cheddar, Jack, and Colby Cheese Blocks

Conebella Farm also supplies artisan raw milk Cheddar, Colby and cheese curds. Conebella is a fifth-generation Chester County farm producing rich Ayrshire raw milk cheeses from their own cows.

We carry ten Cheddar and Jack cheese varieties from September Farm in Honey Brook.  September Farm operates a 50-cow dairy farm and makes their own award-winning cheese on site.

Di Bruno Brothers Italian Cheese

We offer gourmet spreads from Di Bruno Brothers, a Philadelphia-based third-generation specialty cheese and gourmet food producer.

Ice Cream

Our freezers are well stocked with Kreider’s creamy, locally-made ice cream and Windy Knoll hand-churned ice cream! Our Orchard View Ice Cream deck serves Windy Knoll late spring through fall!

Local Free Range Meat

Pennsylvania is home to many family farms committed to raising animals ethically on a small scale and dedicated to bringing you antibiotic- and hormone-free beef, poultry and pork.  We are delighted that our farm market features quality meat from many of these local farms!

Pasture-Raised, Free-Range Ground Beef, Burgers, Steaks and Roasts

Stone Ridge Beef in Ephrata, Pennsylvania offers pasture raised grass-fed (finished on hay, corn, grain and soy beans) Angus cattle that are hormone, antibiotic and animal by-product free.

Cage Free, Antibiotic Free Chickens

Mountineer Poultry in Lancaster County processes cage free, antibiotic free chickens.

Locally-Raised Cage-Free Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkeys

Howe Turkey Farm in Downingtown raises turkeys on an all-vegetarian diet and without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

Please check our Seasonal Items page for updates during the holiday season.