Farming Practices & Philosophy

We serve our customers by cultivating quality fruits and vegetables and inviting families into the orchard experience.

We grow our fruit with your health in mind.  As a family-owned farm, we are always thinking about the next generation and the generations to come.  We strive to keep our family, our land and our community safe and healthy.

To keep the harvest coming year after year, we practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods.  These farming practices limit the use of pesticides.  We monitor each crop intently so we can make wise decisions about pest or disease control.  Organic farming uses many of the same concepts as IPM; however, organic farmers are limited to using only organic chemicals. (Yes, even organic farming allows over 100 chemicals in production!)

Pennsylvania’s climate is, unfortunately, not favorable for growing fruit 100% organically. (Most vegetables are considerably easier to grow organically.) We’ve seen several orchards attempt organic fruit production and fail, forcing them to go out of business and sell their farms.  We love our farm and we are so grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to farm it for four generations. We hope to keep on farming and serving you for years to come.

For further reading on our farming practices, take a look at this brochure and read this informative article.