Employment Opportunities at Weaver’s Orchard


Prepared Foods Coordinator
-Manage all operations and personnel of deli
-Oversee and coordinate with current bakery, kitchen, and donut managers for cohesive food operations
-Must have culinary experience, deli preferred but not required.
-Full time, No Sundays
-Must be 18+yo
-For full job description, please email Janell@weaversorchard.com

Deli staff

-Assist customers by slicing and preparing made-to-order sandwiches
-Must have good customer service skills
-Part or full time, No Sundays
-Must be 18+yo
-For more information, please email Janell@weaversorchard.com

Summer/Fall Staff

We are now accepting applications for summer/fall staff!

-Part-time or full-time
-Must be 15+ years of age
-Must be able to work Saturdays September/October, No Sundays


Find an application here.