Employment Opportunities at Weaver’s Orchard


Seasonal Job Opportunities

Persons Over 18:

Are you looking for part or full time work? Maybe you need an extra income for a few months with the option of discontinuing work after the New Year? We currently have a few job openings for staff over the age of 18 to work in our market!

Requirements: Must be able to work at least 3 days per week, but up to 5/week. Must be available to work through October, with the possibility of continuing on through the end of the year or indefinitely. Must be friendly and able to smile and provide excellent customer service.

**Hours include Saturdays, but no Sundays. Hours flexible, but mornings preferred (between 7/8am and 3pm). For more information, please inquire to Janell@weaversorchard.com.

Persons Under 18:

At this time, we are not hiring any more staff under the age of 18, but you are always welcome to submit an application in the market or to Janell@weaversorchard.com.

Find an application here.