Employment Opportunities at Weaver’s Orchard

Prepared Foods Coordinator

Searching for an individual to manage the product and personnel of the market deli, as well as oversee the kitchen, bakery and donut departments with the end goal of a profitable, organized, and creative prepared foods departments. Guide current staff and train new staff, providing continued supervision, ensuring that department staff provide friendly and efficient service and are in alignment with overall market goals. Introduce new products periodically with the goal of an exciting array of products, many unique to our market. This is a floor/working position, with a couple of hours of office time each week. No Sundays. For full job description or if interested please email Andrea@weaversorchard.com.

Lead Food Production Manager

We’re looking for a new team member who strives for excellence and brings positive energy, commitment, and a “can-do” attitude to work every day. Do you enjoy working in food production? Join our team as a Lead Food Production Member! We are seeking someone passionate about serving quality food products to our customers. This is a full-time position and needs to be someone who is able to take a lead role in various departments: bakery, kitchen, deli and donuts and assist in other departments as needed on occasion. Must be 18+ yo and includes some Saturdays. No Sundays. Hours can be between 7:00 am and 7:30 pm. Shift duration ranges from 4 to 8 hours. Must have some knowledge of food production and safety, basic kitchen skills and experience in deli.

Job Description:  Farm Market Manager

Job Summary:

Individual will manage a family-owned farm market, including the staff and product. The market manager is accountable for supervision and support of department managers and staff, setting the general atmosphere for work ethic and customer service, goal setting and attainment, completion of projects and evaluation to generate profits for the business. The manager will develop and grow relationships with vendors and oversee purchasing of current and new product. The market manager will exercise authority and independent judgement regarding making decisions, while reporting directly to the owners.

Major objective of Farm Market Manager Position:
The farm market manager is accountable to manage and carry out the operational goals and policies established by the owners. 

Primary responsibilities

Customer Service:

·      Provide prompt and friendly service to our customers

·      Prioritize customer interactions while balancing other duties and responsibilities

·      Engage and interact with customers to create a positive and familiar shopping experience

·      Respond positively to customer’s inquiries and assist in finding items, product information and selection, purchases and loading vehicles

·      Ability to take accurate and professional customer orders by phone or in person


·      Friendly and professional interaction with other staff members

·      Overseeing department managers and staff

·      Collaborating with and communicating between departments

·      Train, motivate, evaluate and guide staff to current and future goals of the business

·      Evaluate and promote individual employees who exhibit the management ability to fit the various key positions of the business

·      Assisting with daily schedule changes

·      Assist in hiring of new staff

Retail Market:

·      Relating to vendors and overseeing the purchasing of product

·      Source new products/vendors

·      Sustain a high-level knowledge of all products, especially what is grown at Weaver’s Orchard, its uses and seasonality

·      Establish and achieve sales and financial objectives

·      Develop and train staff to perform daily tasks and maximize sales

·      Creating and implementing attractive displays, pricing, and promotions (alongside department managers)

·      Learn and follow proper food safety regulations

·      Ensure cleanliness, organization, and worker safety concerning displays, work areas and storage areas

·      Ensure rotation and proper removal of any expired product

·      Participate in inventory of product alongside departments managers as needed.

Other responsibilities

·         Assist owners with special projects and tasks as requested

·         Promoting open and constructive communication between departments, managers, and owners.

·         Show cooperation to overall success of the business.

·         Take a leadership role in staff meetings.

·         Assist managers and employees in meeting company goals and objectives.