It’s Fruit Tree Planting Time

  It is fruit tree planting time at the orchard right now.  Each spring, we plant 2,000- 4,000 fruit trees, replacing three to four acres of 18-20 year-old trees that are no longer producing as fruitfully.  We have eighty acres of fruit trees, so over the course of 20 years, we replace our entire acreage. This […]

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It's fun to be five! Frozen eyelashes from sledding fun!

There’s Hope Under the Frozen Trees: Enjoying Winter on the Farm

“We’re suffering from cabin fever!” This statement, breathed out in frustration from my seven-year-old after a particularly rough evening here at our farmhouse, sums up winter best. Even little Weavers grow weary of wintertime cold! As a family, one of our values is getting our kids outdoors to enjoy God’s creation, no matter the season. […]

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Billy’s Candies Carries On an Eighty-Year Tradition

When he’s planning a batch of candy, David Skipper of Billy’s Candies in Temple, PA watches the weather.  The temperature outside will affect the candy’s shelf life, so Skipper plans the candy temperature accordingly, cooking at slightly different temperatures during the summer versus the winter. If you miss by two or three degrees, he says, the […]

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Stuffed Mushrooms with Apples & Sausage

It’s a winter miracle.  Here it is, the end of January, and Weaver’s Orchard still has fifteen apple varieties, kept fresh in cool, climate-controlled storage.  Each apple preserves the memory of warm fall days when the wind carried just a hint of the chill that winter now blasts us with. This weekend, as we crank […]

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Photo Contest Winners

Weaver’s Orchard Announces Photo Contest Winners Morgantown, PA – Weaver’s Orchard Farm Market has announced the three winners of their fifth annual photo contest, a challenge that invited customers to submit photos of their experiences on the farm throughout the harvest season. This year’s winning photos capture the joy of berry picking and the sense […]

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