Darren Horst and Kevin McCulley - courtesy of the two of   them

Perspectives from our Festival Performers

Musicians and other performers who play at farm venues and events like Fall Family Fun Days at Weaver’s Orchard have a unique perspective while onstage. Farmers create food, while those who perform in agricultural scenery create songs, sounds and stories. In some cases, the stories of festival performers have been crafted from their own new words, and in […]

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Kiwiberries: Super Fruit for a Super Fall

It’s kiwiberry season!  I nearly jumped for joy when I saw the first of these sweet and tasty green berries on the shelf for the first time this fall. Kiwiberry harvest begins in early to mid-September and continues through late October or early November, so thankfully these delightful snacks are available for close to two […]

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26. Bruschetta-Pizza

Beat Lunch-Planning Blues with These Creative Real Food Lunches

What makes a good school lunch? Creativity and advance planning, if you talk to Tracey Rezapour of Keepin’ It Real. As a real-food advocate and health coach, Tracey believes in eating healthy whole foods for every meal. In 2012, the Rezapour family made a switch in their diet. They decided to eat more “real food” and less processed food. […]

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Need Lesson Plan Ideas? Look to Your Local Orchard!

Apple season is in full swing, and a new school year is underway. It’s a perfect time to turn a love for apples into a learning experience. Whether you’re teaching school, homeschooling, or just looking for activities to do with children, the apple orchard is a great place to start. The Pennsylvania Apples website offers lots […]

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“A” is for After-School Snack

Well, it happened again. Summer break turned into school year, a time when kids everywhere put down their video game controllers, picked up their backpacks and asked the age-old question: “Why are there dirty socks and old banana peels in my backpack?!” It’s time to clean up our act! And what’s true for the backpack […]

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Paul Friday and The Giant Flamin’ Fury Peach

With peach season in full swing, you may be finding some very large, heavy peaches out in the orchard.  That might get you wondering, “How heavy can peaches get? What’s the world record for world’s heaviest peach?” Paul Friday can tell you. Paul, the inventor of the beloved Flamin’ Fury series of peaches and nectarines, […]

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Presto! It’s Pesto with Phoebe Canakis

Local food writer and all-around talented cook Phoebe Canakis was at it again, teaching a Tuesday cooking class at the orchard. Weaver’s Orchard’s Brandon Hertzler, newly married and fresh from his honeymoon, introduced Phoebe and served as her able helper. They made pesto, and not just any old basil pesto, but three recipes that danced freely […]

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Apple bushels

Canning Applesauce and Apple Pie Filling

Canning applesauce and apple pie filling is a great way to take advantage of early season apples and preserve the taste you know you will be craving around the holidays. Here are our recipes for homemade, no-sugar added applesauce and homemade apple pie filling. Print Homemade Applesauce Author: Becky Talbot Recipe type: Sauce Serves: 2 quarts   Ingredients […]

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apple collage 2

We Love Pennsylvania Apples!

We love PA apples and are pleased to participate in a grower-funded program called the Pennsylvania Apple Marketing Program. A percentage of all the proceeds from apple grower’s sales goes to this program, which helps get local apples into larger grocery stores, promotes apple processing and gives us many promotional materials which we can use at no cost and […]

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