Racing to Pay Local Cancer Patients’ Bills

Vernon Murphy couldn’t sleep.  It was 2009 and his wife Beth had just passed away at age 46, after a nine-year battle with breast cancer.   This loss was like nothing else the Murphy family had ever experienced.  After Beth died, Vernon need something that would help him sleep and focus.  He started running. He laughs […]

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European Pear Recipes

Poire Belle Hélène [Poached Pears with Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream] with Nadia Hassani from Deep Focus on Vimeo.   When Weaver’s Orchard invited me to do another cooking class this summer, I suggested pears. I must admit I have not been a pear lover all my life. Only after I moved to the […]

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Braised Cured Pork Belly & Apple Kimchi with Amani’s BYOB

Braised Pork and Apple Kimchi with Jonathan Amann from Deep Focus on Vimeo. For the past three years, Chef Jonathan Amman of Amani’s BYOB has earned the title “Best Chef in Chester County” at the Chester County Restaurant Festival. On Tuesday, August 19, the audience at Weaver’s Orchard’s cooking class found out why.  They tasted […]

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Traditional Provençal Cooking with Peaches

Provençal Peaches with Rachel VanDuzer from Deep Focus on Vimeo. While rain pounded the roof of the stone barn at Weaver’s Orchard on Tuesday, August 12, Rachel VanDuzer transported the audience at the weekly Weaver’s Orchard summer cooking class to sunny southern France. If you’ve ever wondered whether Provence is as enchanting as it seems […]

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Chubby Pickle Farm: Getting People Growing & Preserving the Harvest

Growing and Preserving the Harvest: Chubby Pickle Farm Pickles from Deep Focus on Vimeo.   Nan Reinert of Chubby Pickle Farm has some advice about pickle making: “Start with refrigerator pickles, move on to dill…then pickle everything!” At the Weaver’s Orchard Cooking Class she led on Tuesday, July 29, Nan started by making refrigerator pickles, […]

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Canning Bruschetta & Creating Artisan Pizza

Canning Bruschetta & Creating Artisan Pizza: Italian Cuisine with Rachel VanDuzer and Brian Licitra from Deep Focus on Vimeo.     Call it serendipity–a “fortunate happenstance.” Brian and Elizabeth Licitra invite David and Rachel VanDuzer over for homemade pizza. Rachel happens to bring along some freshly made bruschetta. Brian suggests topping the pizza with bruschetta and […]

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In Praise of Peaches

For some reason I’ve long since forgotten, I went several years without eating peaches. Maybe I’d had some tough ones from a conventional grocery store. What I do remember is how the hiatus ended. Some friends of ours picked peaches at a local orchard and brought them by the box-full into their kitchen. “Just try […]

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Blueberries: Beyond Just Baking, with Crystal Barto of Emily’s Restaurant

Beyond Baking with Blueberries: Unique Blueberry Recipes with Crystal Barto from Deep Focus on Vimeo.   Crystal Barto, head chef at Emily’s in Mohnton, is a master at creating recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables.  At her cooking class at Weaver’s Orchard on Tuesday, July 15, she shared some of her secrets.  The title Blueberries: […]

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