Summer’s Best Cherry Recipes

Now is an amazing time to pick cherries! It’s prime season to pick sweet cherries and Montmorency tart cherries! Over the years, we’ve collected so many recipes from around the world calling for both sweet and tart cherries. Sometimes it’s hard to find recipes for sweet cherries because most pie recipes tend to call for sour cherries.

What’s the big deal about cherries anyway? Sure, they take a little longer to prepare because of the pit, but if you can find a cherry pitter like this one it makes the job much easier!

Cherries can’t be grown just anywhere, so we’re thankful we have a good crop this year!

The west coast grows 90% of sweet cherries, while 90% of sour cherries are grown in Michigan. (You can order pitted Michigan tart cherries from us – perfect for freezing!)

Pennsylvania definitely has it’s challenges to growing cherries especially as milder winters can make our cherries bloom earlier, leaving them susceptible to frost damage if there’s a cold snap in the spring. Thankfully the last few years we have had a good crop!

Sweet cherries are loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants, as well as potassium, magnesium and fiber.

Consuming tart cherries seems to have benefits to maintaining muscle mass as we age and can aid in muscle recovery after exercise, according to studies cited in Healthline.

Find out more about cherry season and see what we’re picking now!

Fruitti di Bosco Gelato

Frutti Di Bosco Gelato

Fruitti di Bosco Gelato is an Italian specialty which translates “fruit of the forest,” and includes berries and cherries in a delicious gelato or ice cream. Watch our video and check out the recipe here!

Gluten-Free Sweet Cherry Crisp

Sweet cherry crisp

Tired of all the sour cherry recipes but you need sweet cherry recipes instead? Check out this recipe for Sweet Cherry Crisp! It happens to be gluten-free as well if you use gluten-free oats.

Cherry Clafoutis

When I lived in France, it seemed like everyone knew what Clafoutis was and I was the odd one out. It was nearly synonymous with pie, though it’s quite different. This dish is not overly sweet (most French desserts are not) and calls for fresh fruit in season such as cherries, strawberries, plums or apricots. It calls for a batter that gets poured over fresh fruit, then baked and served with powdered sugar. It’s often served cold, but can be enjoyed warm as well. I highly recommend it!

Cherry Tiramisu

Want a recipe for individual servings that looks really pretty and tastes delicious? Try these mini Cherry Tiramisu cups! They’re cute and tasty! Use sweet cherries such as Rainier in this recipe.

Sundaes with Cherries

There’s nothing quite like room temperature fresh fruit served atop ice cream, especially with shell chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Try it in this recipe!

Cherry Pie

This is a different spin on the classic cherry pie recipe. Use cherry pie filling on top of a graham cracker crust and a cream cheese filling.

Roman Jewish Cherry Cheesecake

Cherry Crostada

This is a unique recipe calling for tart cherries in a Roman Jewish cheesecake recipe. Try it with your freshly picked sour cherries!