Our Favorite Plum & Apricot Recipes

In mid-July, sweet apricots and juicy plums are such a refreshing snack. I spent two summers living at a property with plum and apricot trees and it was so exciting to go out to the garden and harvest a few of these every day! We mostly enjoyed eating them fresh, but I also enjoyed them in recipes like smoothies, tarts and even savory dishes. When I couldn’t use them all right away I would remove the pits and freeze them.

Although sugar plums are finished in pick-your-own for this season, you can still find plenty of plums available in our farm market. In addition to being tasty, Plums are free of fat, saturated fat and sodium and a good source of vitamin C.

Apricots are one of the few fruits high in iron. They’re also a premium source of beta-carotene, as well as vitamin C, vitamin A, copper, lycopene and fiber. Apricots can aid digestion, not only because they’re high in fiber, but because eating one produces an alkaline reaction in the digestive system. And their unique blend of antioxidants may help fight heart disease, cancer and stroke.

Plums aren’t used as frequently in recipes in America like they are in Europe, but I shared a recipe for a plum tart a few years ago during one of Weaver’s Orchard’s cooking classes. That recipe was based on a common French tart recipe which can be made with any of summer’s in-season fruits. Try the recipe with summer’s bounty from Weaver’s Orchard!

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Although apricots have a pretty short season for pick-your-own here at Weaver’s Orchard, they are available longer in our farm market. Come back next week when more apricots ripen! This recipe for apricots is cooked in a sweet and salty sauce including orange juice and soy sauce. Serve it over rice with chicken for a delicious dinner!

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Another great use for apricots is making fruit leather by drying the fruit.

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Plums also make an awesome smoothie, especially paired with greens like spinach or kale and sweetened with blueberries and a touch of honey.


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Stop by our farm market and pick up some plums and apricots to try these recipes!