Raspberries: Memories and Recipes

A Well-Stocked Pantry and the Best of the Season: Desserts, Shrubs + Vinegars with Phoebe Canakis from Deep Focus on Vimeo.

Raspberries remind us that what is sweetest in life must often be plucked from what is thorny. Raspberries remind us that this is worth it.

When I was in middle school, my siblings and friends and I would roam the wooded hills behind our house, gathering raspberries, blackberries and wine berries in bowls or eating as many as we could right away. We would come home scratched but satisfied, everyone’s sweet tooth appeased.


These days, I’m more likely to pick raspberries in a well-groomed pick-your-own area than to wade into brambles after a bright, alluring berry. Either way, there is nothing like tasting a fresh-picked berry that melts away in your mouth and leaves you tasting its sugar and tang.

I’m sure I didn’t think of this when I was part of the pack of kids plucking berries, but raspberries are nutritious in addition to being sweet, tender and tangy. One cup has eight grams of fiber and 1.5 grams of protein and meets more than half of your daily need for Vitamin C. Raspberries also supply a healthy dose of magnesium, a mineral that supports healthy functioning in every organ of the body and keeps bones and teeth strong.

That makes me want to grab some empty bowls or baskets and head to the nearest orchard, carefully plucking the fall harvest of one of my all-time favorite fruits.

If you are also heading to the orchard to pick raspberries, here are a few of the favorite recipes from the Weaver’s blog and cooking classes:


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