Evercrisp Apple, Ham & Brie Sandwiches

When you start with good quality food, you don’t need a lot of ingredients to make your recipes taste delicious. That’s why this Evercrisp apple, ham & brie sandwich is so tasty!

I use freshly sliced Evercrisp apples grown at Weaver’s Orchard. These apples are sweet, crispy, crunchy and very juicy. They are excellent for snacking and sandwiches. Plus, they are such a pretty shade of pink! When Ed Weaver first introduced these to me, they quickly became my favorite apple. Even this far into the month of May they are extremely fresh and, well ever-crisp!

The next ingredient I used is the uncured ham from Weaver’s Orchard’s deli. This ham is made with less sodium than other ham often is, yet it still has a perfect slightly smokey flavor. It’s really easy to order this on our online store!

Then I add in slices of brie cheese, although you could use another boldly flavored cheese if you prefer, such as Gouda or sharp cheddar.

The thing that really takes a sandwich up a notch is good bread. I used a French Baguette, which brought back many wonderful memories of mountaintop picnics from when my husband and I lived in the French Alps. If you can’t find a good baguette, I’d recommend using the best sandwich bread you can find and making this into a grilled panini. I just ate mine with cold ham and brie cheese, but it would be equally delicious served warm.