Pick-Your-Own Daily Update

Update for Wednesday, 9/27/23

Check-in on our Weaver Road location. Follow signs to check in. Staff will then direct you towards picking areas.

Please be cautious as wasps, hornets, and bees are very active! We recommend wearing closed-toe shoes!

Apples – Honeycrisp, Autumn Crisp, Crimson Crisp, Pixie Crunch, Macintosh, Smokehouse, Gala, Jonathan, Cortland, Ambrosia, Shizuka, Red Delicious, Gold Delicious, Empire, Crimson Gold

Price: Peck (3 Wristbands) – $24 1/2 Bushel (6 Wristbands) – $42; 4+ 1/2 Bushels – $39

Pears – Gem, Shenandoah, Asian, Harrow Sweet

Price: 5qt Bucket (2 Wristbands) – $18 Peck Box (3 Wristbands) – $29 1/2 Bushel Box (6 Wristbands) – $45

Kiwiberries – open now!

Price: Quart: $12, Bucket: $48

PYO hours:

  Monday – Thursday – 9 am- 4:30 pm

  Friday – 9 am – 5:30 pm

  Saturday 8 am – 3:30 pm

As we have in past years, hours will be adjusted if temperatures are forecast to go above 90 degrees, which will then be  9 AM – 1 PM.

Crop Ripening Dates: We have had great weather this year, and our crops are ripening early. Stay tuned for details.

  • Pumpkins – Late Sept. – Oct.

Black Raspberries

Black Raspberry Picking Tips

  • Avoid all the red berries.  They are not red raspberries, just unripe black ones!  Pick only berries that are such a deep purple they are almost black.
  • Ripe berries separate from the bush easily. You should be able to just roll your fingers across them into your bucket.
  • Don’t fill containers too full. The berries are delicate and will crush easily, especially on a hot summer day.  If you need more containers, we’re happy to supply them!

Red Raspberries

Red Raspberry Picking Tips

  • Avoid light red berries and berries with white or yellow tips. Look for deep red berries that drop off the core easily.
  • Be careful not to fill your containers too full or else you will have smashed berries on the bottom. 


$7.50/ Pint



Red Raspberries: great picking now! Yellow raspberry picking is available as well as limited black raspberry picking. Seasons run late June & July, and September.

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