Free Printable Fall & Winter Watercolor Outlines

Lately my kids have been really into art of any kind, but especially watercolor painting. There’s something so satisfying about getting out a paintbrush, a jar of water and watercolor paints. My kids (ages 4 and 7) get to practice weekly through their homeschool group and have thoroughly enjoyed learning to blend colors, draw outlines and hone their skills.

We did a multicolored fall leaf following these instructions on YouTube. After we finished each color, we used the hairdryer to dry that one before moving on to the next color.

Another week at their homeschool group their theme was apples, and boy was that one fun! We sampled SO many kinds of apples, ate apple crisp and sipped some apple cider. We did some activities about the lifecycle of apples, read some books about Johnny Appleseed and the Oxcart Man and did a watercolor painting of an apple. My 7-year-old son’s painting of an apple turned out very well in my humble opinion! He made a darker outline of red and blended in some golden hues. (Unfortunately it got a little water stain on it because it’s been proudly displayed on our fridge!)

Another week we read Cranberry Thanksgiving and talked about the importance of community and generosity. Afterwards we painted these beautiful cornucopias. (He still has yet to finish this one).

My kids have also been really into Narnia lately, so we printed out this Lamp post drawing and they painted in the forest around it.

My 7-year-old wants to finish it still with glitter for snow on the trees.

My 4-year-old made his forest multi-colored! He loves to do watercolor painting as well.

Whether you are entertaining family and looking for Thanksgiving activities for kids, teens, adults or seniors, I think anyone could find something to enjoy in these watercolor outlines! The beauty of family is that children love to work alongside family members of all ages. My kids enjoy doing art, crafts and puzzles with their grandparents, and their great-aunt sends them art supplies regularly. If we lived closer, we’d surely spend more time with them!

So feel free to print these out (on cardstock or watercolor paper for best results), pull out some paints and enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving from our crew to yours!