5K Mud Run to Benefit Cancer Patients

5K Mud RunHard to the Core 5K Mud Run

During our annual Hard to the Core 5K mud run, you can run (or walk) through Weaver’s orchard and local Christmas tree farm Plow Farm. Then enjoy a scrumptious apple-pancake breakfast afterwards!

The race benefits local cancer patients. Your registration goes to OneRunTogether, which directly helps cancer patients pay their bills.

The 7th annual run will  take place on September 7, 2019.

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Read Vern Murphy’s story of founding OneRunTogether:

Vernon Murphy couldn’t sleep.  It was 2009 and his wife Beth had just passed away at age 46, after a nine-year battle with breast cancer.   This loss was like nothing else the Murphy family had ever experienced.  After Beth died, Vernon needed something that would help him sleep and focus.  He started running.

He laughs about his sudden interest in running.  If anyone had told him before then that he would not only be running, but would be the CEO of a nonprofit, he would have told them, “You’ve been smoking something.”  He says, vehemently, “I thought runners were idiots.”

But all that changed.  “For whatever reason, God chose me,” he says.  Vernon has a strong faith in God and believes that there is a reason for everything.  “I didn’t know what or why, and of course I didn’t like it,” but still he believed there was a reason.

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