Baby Weavers and Baby Peaches

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged—I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth or anything! I just had to take a break to welcome our very special little one—our first baby girl—our little peach—arrived right in middle of peach season on August 3rd.

Baby Weavers1
The Newest Addition to the Weaver Family: Kayla Arrived August 3rd

A girl. So Fun!  In between shopping for little girl dresses and getting used to being a mother of three not much time was left for our blog. So here goes—my three year old is contentedly munching on frozen blueberries beside me– as I make my first attempt at sneaking in a new entry.

Besides not having much time for blogging, I haven’t had much time outside either, but a few Sunday’s ago at my husband’s urging—I escaped into the great outdoors. I slugged into my mud boots and meandered up the drive to check out the happenings in the orchard. It was a crisp, cold afternoon and the rhythmic sound of crunching snow and gravel under my feet had a therapeutic effect on my frazzled mommy brain.

If you’re also feeling frazzled you should try walking on gravely snow sometime— it’s really good for clearing your brain. Since there’s no snow on the ground right now, you could try dumping some ice cubes in your flower bed and walking on them to create a similar ambiance. Just don’t blame me when your neighbors think you’ve gone off the deep end!

Several discoveries I made during my walk were pleasant surprises. New posts by my favorite blueberry picking spot: my husband is finally adding bird netting to keep away the birds.  Take that my feathered friends!  (Sorry I will not disclose my favorite spot—it’s top secret—but should you happen to stumble across it this summer and want to pick there—I will not chase you off—I promise—but my three year old might!)

I was glad to see the piles of branches from freshly pruned trees—this gave me proof that my husband was actually at work and not just escaping the noisy chaos our offspring create!

Baby Weavers2
It’s hard to imagine this microscopic bud could turn into a juicy peach!

I took some time to check the buds on the trees— I don’t know what I was checking for but it seemed like something a fruit grower’s wife should do. I smelled them too. They smell normal. I’m predicting we’re going to have some out of this world deliciously good fruit this season!

The birds are also arriving in great numbers from crows, Canadian geese, and even seagulls?!?! It is beginning to feel a lot more like spring. I’m brimming with anticipation of what this growing season will bring—I can’t wait to bite into a juicy strawberry! I can’t wait to see all your wonderful faces familiar and new—as you come out and enjoy our fruit— see you when the strawberries arrive!