Hard to the Core 5k Mud Run Proves Fun for All Ages

Musser Kids 5k
Josiah and Marita Musser rest after a fun 5k Mud Run!

Legs pumping, hearts pounding, speeding through the rows of trees and overcoming muddy obstacles is what many 5K runners will experience this Saturday at our family orchard. People from the community old and young alike are getting ready for the 2nd Annual Hard to the Core 5k Mud Run! Our market manager Dwayne Musser’s entire family enjoyed participating in this fun and messy benefit race last year. His kids ages 8-15, who have participated in many orchard events, had a lot to say about this experience.

Marita, age 13 says, “I enjoyed all of the obstacles throughout the course because it gave me something to look forward to throughout the race.”

Younger brother Josiah, age 10 who also liked the obstacles commented that he looks forward to new obstacles and trying to beat his time from last year!

I started to notice a theme of the kids enjoying the obstacles when oldest brother Kaleb, age 15 summed up his experience from last year by saying, “It was a good run and I really enjoyed the obstacles.”

musser kids 5k2

When I asked the family why they chose to participate, the kids responded “because it’s lots of fun.”  Their mom Kendra chimed in that it’s for a good cause, too!

Kendra is absolutely right! This race is organized by OneRunTogether which benefits cancer patients by helping lighten their financial burdens by donating 100% of its profits to the cause. The organization aims to create challenging and exciting races and at the same time benefit the patients emotionally and spiritually.

The race is lots of fun for adults and kids alike and all ages are encouraged to participate. If you are able to complete a 5K and are willing to get dirty this race is definitely for you! If you would like to be involved but cannot complete the 5k you can join in on the one mile walk that begins at 9a.m.

After the race, participants will be treated to a delicious apple pancake breakfast, which will also be open to the public for the cost of $7.

Today is the last day for online registration but you can also register at the door. Click here for more details.