Additional Day for Read & Pick Story Time
Join us for Read & Pick Story Time on Mondays AND Wednesdays now through August 26!
Learn New Recipes & Cooking Techniques This Summer
Our cooking classes are back! Join us Tuesday mornings June 9 through August 25.
Berries in Market
Find Abundant Summer Produce in Our Market
We have homegrown strawberries, tomatoes, blackberries, apricots and more!
Pick-Your-Own Blueberries Are Now Available!
The harvest is abundant! Come pick 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Mon-Fri and 7-5 Saturdays!
Pick-your-own peaches and nectarines - NOW Open!
Pick-Your-Own Blackberries: Available Now, Peaking in Mid-August!
We have some pick-your-own blackberries available now, and much more coming in a few weeks!
Pick-Your-Own Donut Peaches Available Saturday!
Galaxy White Donut Peaches and Tango Yellow Donut peaches start Saturday.
Freestone Peaches: Available for Pick-Your-Own Wednesday!
Shuttle starts Saturday. PYO White Lady peaches, Yellow Nectarines, Galaxy White Donut Peaches and Tango Yellow Donut peaches start Saturday!

Weaver’s Orchard Farm Market & Pick-Your-Own Farm

A destination for homegrown produce & events near Reading & Lancaster County

Weaver’s Orchard Farm Market is nestled in the scenic hills of Berks County, just 15 minutes south of Reading, Pa.

Today at Weaver’s Orchard

PYO Update 7/31:

Available NOW: Pick-Your-Own blueberries are abundant and delicious. We have some blackberries, and they will peak in mid-August.  We are also now picking delicious freestone yellow peaches and nectarines!  We have a limited amount of red sugar plums.

Earligold Apples, an early green, fairly tart apple, are now open. 

Saturday: We will provide a shuttle to yellow Red Haven-type freestone peaches, White Lady peaches, Yellow Nectarines, Galaxy White Donut Peaches and Tango Yellow Donut peaches.  

In a few weeks: Our fall crop of Red Raspberries will be available.


Go to our PYO page to see pricing and learn more.  PYO is open Monday – Friday 7am to 7 pm and Saturday 7am – 5 pm.  Please check back for updates.

Join us on Mondays and Wednesdays for Read and Pick Story Time at 9:45 and 10:30.  For just $5 your child will hear a story about an in-season fruit and then head out to the orchard to pick that fruit.  Also come on out on Tuesdays at 11:00 for free cooking classes and demonstrations each week this summer.  Classes are geared for both children and adults.  Always a great time! (Look for updates if we experience heavy rains.)

Our farm market is open Monday-Saturday. Stop by Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Find fresh produce, homegrown peaches, nectarines, apples, greens, tomatoes and more when browsing our produce selection. Order sandwiches, salads, and cold cuts from our deli and select locally raised free-range meats and locally made and sourced artisan cheeses. Don’t forget to stop in at our icecream deck and treat yourself to some delicious premium Nelson’s Ice Cream!

Come Experience
Pick-Your-Own Fruit

IMG_9765Our orchard offers pick-your-own apples, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, kiwiberries, peaches, pears, plums, pumpkins, raspberries and the season starts in the end of May with strawberries. We use an Integrated Pest Management approach with our farming practices that employs many preventative and organic methods to ensure that our crops and our land remain healthy.

Pick-Your-Own Schedule

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Open All Year!

DSC09796Find our homegrown produce and freshly pressed apple cider in our year-round farm market, which also features a bakery, a deli and a selection of all-natural dairy items and free-range meats.

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Preserving Tomatoes and Gifts that Keep on Giving

Nan-2015-tomato baseHer "farm" is her back yard. Her passion is to inspire others on the topics of food canning and gardening. Nan Reinert of Chubby Pickle Farm addressed a full house Tuesday, July 28th at the Weaver's Orchard weekly cooking class. Tuesday's topic was preserving tomatoes, but Nan preserves most everything from her garden including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and more.  She talks to many different groups about canning and gardening.   "One of the greatest joys to hear is, 'Hey I made those pickles,' or 'Hey, I gave it a try,' or 'I gave 'em out for Christmas!'" According to Nan, home-canned goods make the best gifts. And though many people shy away from canning due to contamination fears, she encouraged the audience to try it. "I have been canning for years, and I have never had botulism or food poisoning," she said with her characteristic sense of humor. "Don't be afraid. If you do something Read More...

Focaccia Pizzas with Peaches and Tomatoes

Tomato-FocacciaLast summer, Brian Licitra of Morgantown showed the audience at a Weaver’s Orchard cooking class how to make perfect pizza dough, while Rachel VanDuzer of Rachel's Farm Table made bruschetta. They combined the two recipes for an unforgettably delicious, crusty pizza with spicy tomato topping. Since that time, Rachel has had lots of practice working with Brian’s recipe and has found it’s a crowd pleaser every time.   Rachel often uses a variation of the pizza recipe to make focaccia with distinctive toppings. Traditional focaccia is Italian flatbread baked with herbs and olive oil. But on Tuesday, July 21, Rachel demonstrated ways to use focaccia dough to create a pizza-like dish with a thick crust that is wonderfully crispy on the bottom. Brandon Hertzler, who taught the class along with her, has also learned from Brian and experimented with pizza-making on his own. Rachel and Brandon showed Read More...

Blueberries for All Tastes: Sweet AND Savory

IMG_2977This past Tuesday morning, July 14th, Phoebe Canakis unleashed her fiercest cooking skills using blueberries on curious class attendants. While apricots and sugar plums are also in season with peaches soon on the way, blueberries are still at their sweet and blueberry best. It was a hazy summer day when people gathered in the barn behind Weaver's Orchard Farm Market to see what their great friend Phoebe--her Canakis Curls made bold by a passing rain shower and framing her beautiful face--had to say about blueberries.    Phoebe, a regular contributor to the Weaver's Orchard Cooking Class Series, is also a writer (Susquehanna Style, Berks County Living), blogger (Phoebe's Pure Food), podcaster and much, much more. "Blueberries are one of my favorite foods. It's a superfood. They're easy to eat," she said, explaining that there may be other superfoods people don't enjoy eating as much, such as kale or flax seeds. Read More...

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