We Love Pennsylvania Apples!

We love PA apples and are pleased to participate in a grower-funded program called the Pennsylvania Apple Marketing Program. A percentage of all the proceeds from apple grower’s sales goes to this program, which helps get local apples into larger grocery stores, promotes apple processing and gives us many promotional materials which we can use at no cost and pass along to other farm markets and the local retailers who also sell our apples.


The Pennsylvania Apple Marketing Program (also known as “PA Apples”) allows growers to earmark some of their contribution for horticultural research instead of promotion. When stink bugs descended on the Mid-Atlantic region, some of these research funds were used to find ways to protect crops from infestation.

Weaver’s has participated since the 1980s, and Ed Weaver has just started his second three-year term on the marketing program’s board of directors, which is composed of apple growers from across the state as well as a representative from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.  Also, this is Ed’s second year as vice-chair. He likes that this allows him to stay more connected with what is going on in the apple industry. Because PA Apples has connections to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, U.S. Apples and international growers, being involved in PA Apples keeps Ed up-to-date on the apple industry statewide, nationwide and even globally.

apple collage 2

This Tuesday, August 25, we have the privilege of welcoming Julie Bancroft, the Executive Director of PA Apples, to lead our final cooking class of the season!  Come and meet Julie, ask her all your apple questions and learn a new recipe for “Green Machine” apple salad.


Come sample a variety of apples before and after the class! Patty Wertz, administrative assistant for PA Apples, will be sampling:

  • Honeycrisp
  • Ginger Gold
  • Star Gala (discovered at Weaver’s Orchard!)
  • Fulford Gala
  • Sansa
  • Smokehouse
  • Dandee Red