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Season: Late-September to Late October (PYO). Mid-September-Late November (Market)


Starting Wednesday, June 14, all pick-your-own customers must receive and wear a wristband when in the fields and orchard.

Customers may obtain wristbands in two ways:

  • Having a Pick-Your-Own club member card. This costs $5 and is good for 10% off ALL pick-your-own purchases throughout the entire harvest season. Pick-Your-Own club members will receive wristbands for two adults and children 18 and under who are accompanying the club member.
  • Paying a $3 entry fee. This is good for one person, one day only. Children 18 and under will receive a wristband but do not need to pay entry fee if accompanied by paying adult.

Check back for additional 2017 pricing.

Picking Tips

  • Drum on the pumpkin lightly and listen for a hollow sound.  This means it is ready to be picked.
  • If the pumpkin’s skin is hard when you press on it and almost feels like a shell, it is ripe.
  • Look for a good amount of yellow-green leaves around ripe pumpkins.