Kiwi BerriesSeason: Finished for the 2021 season

KiwiBerries are finished for the season. Please check back in 2022 for pricing.

A Pick your own club card can be purchased for $10 which gives 10% discount for all crops this year.

KiwiBerries are a unique, grape-sized berry that tastes like a fuzz-less kiwi fruit! Pick-your-own kiwi berries right off the vine in our orchard.

Picking Tips:

          • The riper fruit is larger and has a slightly lighter green color. Don’t wait until fruit is soft on the vine to pick it.
          • Use a small container for picking. A 4-5 quart box works well. They will be firm when you pick them but will become more delicate as they ripen.
          • The berries will need to ripen for 3-4 days at room temperature after picking. If you place them in a container with a banana or tomato, this will help the fruit ripen more evenly.

* * *

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