Pick-Your-Own Daily Update

Pick-Your-Own will be open on Thursday, July 18th from 8:00a.m. – 3:30p.m.
*NOTE – on days that are above 90 degrees, we will likely close PYO at 1:00*

Please note our new policy: ALL types of bags (except diaper bags) are now prohibited in the Pick-Your-Own Fields. Thank you for your understanding.

Weaver Road Entrance – Gate 2 for all Pick-Your-Own!

Raspberries – Yellow, Orange, Red & Black Raspberries are open with limited picking

  • Pint $8, Quart $14


  • Quart $11, Bucket $46. Buy two quarts or buckets, get the third (same size) FREE!

Blackberries – Ouitchia and Ponca varieties available

  • Quart $11.00, Bucket $46

Peaches & Nectarines – Sugar May (white) peaches & Sentry & Silvergen (yellow) peaches are available. Jade & Silver Gem (white) nectarines available and EasternGlo & Avalon (yellow) nectarines available.

  • Bucket (approx. 7 lbs) $18, Peck Box $29, 1/2 Bushel Box $45

Donut Nectarines – donut Nectarines available.

  • Quart $8, Bucket $2

PYO Rewards CardPurchase a PYO Rewards Card for $10 to receive 10% off ANY crop ANYTIME you come back to pick for entire 2024 season! Must be purchased up in PYO.

Coming Soon….

Approximate Crop Ripening dates:

  • White Donut Peaches – Open again Approx. Saturday 7/20 or early next week
  • Freestone peaches: Early varieties opening 7/20
  • Plums – late July
  • Sunflowers – August
  • Apples – mid July through October
  • Honeycrisp apples – early August  
  • Pears – mid August

Finished/Not Available….

Crops that are finished for the season:

  • Jubileum Cherries – finished
  • Sweet Cherries – finished
  • Sour Cherries – finished
  • Apricots – not available
  • Sugar Plums – finished
  • Strawberries – finished



Not available in 2023.


No apricots will be available in 2023. Season is typically early July.

Picking Tips

Apricots are ready to pick when they change from green-yellow to an intense yellow. They will not be soft (otherwise they start to drop). Pick them in a plastic 5-quart bucket. Keep them at room temperature to ripen. Apricots will continue to ripen after they are picked.