Create Your Own Beautiful Edible Planter

Spring and early summer weather just makes me want to get in my garden and plant new stuff. I like to think I have a green thumb—I don’t — but it certainly is in my gene pool. My dad is a very avid gardener. He recently “downsized” his garden and has passionately been experimenting with combining edible plants in his already gorgeous perennial beds. He’s so creative, he can make even an ordinary lettuce planting look attractive!

When he messaged me this picture of his latest creative experiment I just had to share—

Edible Planter1

This adorable spring/ early summer planter contains the following attractive and edible plants:

  •  Lorna Doone Thyme
  •  Rosemary
  •  Viola Pansies (all pansies are edible and kids get a kick out of having them pop up in your salad bowl).
  •  Red and Green lettuce

He recommends using moisture retaining potting soil and keeping them well watered. When the lettuce is spent you can add more herbs or edible plants. Please note: if you use any type of fertilizer make sure you wait to harvest until after the recommended period of time—read your labels—so you don’t get sick!

Here is another resource I’ve found that gives some other ideas for edible annuals you can use in your planters at home.

Don’t forget to check out our garden center here at Weaver’s Orchard—we’ve got a nice selection of herbs and plants to choose from as well as some readymade “Salad Bowl” edible planters. Happy gardening everyone!