Blueberry Picking and Baby Blueberry Blues


Our blueberry baby snitching blueberries from his big brother!

It’s hard for me to believe this is almost the end of June. Life at the Orchard is running at a regular (sometimes frantic) pace. The number of tractors and equipment buzzing by our door has provided constant entertainment for the boys.

The fruit seems to be ripening so fast I can’t keep track of what’s available. On a daily walk this week, I discovered some ripe blueberries!

My boys and I ended up picking about 13 quarts, with their two Aunties’ help, and we put most of them away in the freezer. My 15 month old loved picking—or should I say he loved eating while we were picking. He probably ate close to a quart of blueberries and he has officially become the biggest blueberry fan I know (besides me)!

This blueberry baby knows we saved a quart in the refrigerator, and so he decided to go on a hunger strike yesterday–if that’s what you can call it—he made up his mind to put nothing in his mouth that was not a blueberry.

His responsible parents decided this idea was not a good one; seeing as they could not afford the amount of diapers it would require to support this diet! The day dragged on at a snail’s pace, and his baby blueberry blues did not let up. Mealtimes were full of sobs and explaining why his blueberry intake was being limited– to no avail.

Our standoff continued all the way until bedtime when even his dad caved and let him have a handful just to see if he would eat his supper. Nope. He’s a stubborn one– he popped all five blueberries in his mouth, gulped them down, and motioned at the fridge, screaming for more.

I was so thankful that our little blueberry baby finally fell fast asleep– probably dreaming about his blueberries.


If blueberries also fill your dreams, or if you’re interested in seeing why our blueberries are so good, come on out this Saturday to the orchard and pick some of your own.

These little berries are simply delicious! (Warning: After tasting these gems you may be tempted to go on a blueberry diet yourself!)

If you’re interested in finding out more about the health benefits of blueberries, check out this site about blueberries.