Grape Jelly (No Added Pectin)


  • 4 lbs of Firm Ripe Concord Grapes 3 Cups of Sugar
  • ½ Cup of Water


Make the Juice:

  1. Wash the Grapes well and remove all the stems. Crush the grapes ( You can do this with a potato masher its much cleaner than how Lucy and Ethel crushed the grapes) . Add the water, cover the pot and bring the mixture to a boil of over high heat. Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain the juice through a damp jelly bag or several layers of cheesecloth. Place the strainer and juice in a cool place and let it stand for about 12 hours. If the juice has developed any crystals, these are tartrate. This is more commonly known as Cream of Tarter. It is a chemical reaction that is totally organic. Should you see these crystals just restrain the juice through the jelly bag or cheesecloth.

To Make the Jelly:

  1. Put the juice in a large pot, add the sugar and constantly stir the mixture. You want this to get to about 8 degrees F above the boiling point of water or until the jelly sheets from the spoon. Once the jelly sheets remove it from the heat, skim the foam and ladle
  2. it into hot sterilized jars leaving about ¼ head space. Adjust the two piece caps and Process for 5 minutes in a boiling water canner. This will make about 4 ½ Pints.