Freshly Baked Pie


Order one of our delicious freshly baked pies to pick up at our farm market.  There are so many varieties to choose from – see the photos and list below!  (Sorry, this item cannot be shipped.)

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Each pie is made with real fresh fruit (not just a filling) and all have a nice, flaky crust mixed in small batches. The pies are free of trans fats, and no hydrogenated oils are used. Only real sugar and spices are used. No high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.

Varieties range from traditional apple, cherry and berry pies to delicious combinations like strawberry mango. And of course we always have shoofly pie, a regional favorite!

We also offer four no-sugar pies.

These pies can be ordered online to be picked up in the store. (Sorry, they can’t be shipped.) As you stop by to pick up your pie, be sure to explore all that our bakery has to offer!

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Pie Varieties

9" Lattice Top Apple, 9" Apple Caramel Walnut, 9" Honeycrisp Apple, 9" Apple Oatmeal Crumb, 9" Dutch Apple Crumb, 9" Apple Cranberry, 9" 4 lb Colonial Apple, 9" Blackberry, 9" Blueberry, 9" Blueberry Lemon Buckle, 9" Lattice Top Cherry, 9" Cherry Crumb, 9" Cherry Vanilla, 9" Chocolate Cream Pie, 9" Coconut Custard, 9" Lattice Top Peach, 9" Peach Blueberry, 9" Peach Melba, 9" Peach Praline, 9" Pecan, 9" Pumpkin, 9" Red Raspberry, 8" Wet Bottom Shoo Fly, 9" Strawberry, 9" Strawberry Mango, 9" Strawberry Rhubarb, 9" Sweet Potato Crunch, 9" Very Berry, 9" No Sugar Apple, 9" No Sugar Blueberry, 9" No Sugar Cherry, 9" No Sugar Peach, Pumpkin Roll, Hungarian Nut Roll


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