Local Free-Range Meats: Poultry, Beef and Pork

Pennsylvania is home to many family farms committed to raising animals ethically on a small scale and dedicated to bringing you antibiotic- and hormone-free beef, poultry and pork.  We are delighted that our farm market features quality meat from many of these local farms!

Pasture-Raised, Free-Range Ground Beef, Burgers, Steaks and Roasts

Maiden Creek Beef in Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania offers pasture raised Angus cattle that are hormone and GMO free.

Pasture-Raised, Free-Range Pork Tenderloins, Bacon and Sausages

Country Time Farm in Hamburg raises hogs outdoors, allowing them to roam freely around the farm and barn, and gives them feed free from GMOs and meat by-products.  Country Time pork is MSG- and preservative-free.

Pasture-Raised, Free-Range Whole Chickens

Dutch Meadows Organics in Lancaster County raises chickens on pasture in a rotational grazing pattern with Dutch Meadows’ other animals.

Locally-Raised Cage-Free Ground Turkey, Boneless Skinless Turkey Breasts and Thanksgiving Turkeys

Howe Turkey Farm in Downingtown raises turkeys on an all-vegetarian diet and without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

For Thanksgiving, choose from 10-24 and 30-32+ lbs for whole turkeys and 4-15+ lb. bone-in portions for turkey breasts.  They will be ready for pick-up the Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

2019 Locally Raised Turkeys:

A $20 deposit is required for all orders and is refundable up to the order deadline.

Call to place your order: 610-856-7300, or click here to order online.