Orchard Explorers Summer Workshop

Tuesdays June 13 – August 8 from 9:00-11:30 (except July 4)

Cost $30/child & chaperone per class, or pre-register for $5 discount bringing the cost to $25/ child and chaperone per class (there is no charge for a chaperone – and one chaperone can bring several children). Since we are not a registered child care facility, we require that a chaperone remain with children at all times. Register for the whole 9-week program for $200, which essentially gives you one class for free!

Pre-Register Now!

Food’s journey from the field to your fork is fascinating! Join in the fun this summer as educator Brandon Hertzler connects children to the wonders of farming through games, stories, and hands-on learning. Workshops are geared for children between the ages of 7 to 10. 

June 13 Soil
Week Focus: Dig In! Healthy soil supports healthy crops and healthy people. Get the dirt on soil!
Fruit Focus: Strawberries


June 20 Planting
Week Focus: Let’s Plant! Join in the fun of making our own raised bed gardens!
Fruit Focus: Strawberries
June 27 Pollination
Week Focus: The Buzz about Bees! Come discover the important role that bees and other pollinators have here at the Orchard!
Fruit Focus: Cherries


July 18
Week Focus: Way to Flow! Get to know more about irrigation and how plants require a certain amount of water to thrive!
Fruit Focus: Raspberries
July 25 Pruning/Grafting
Week Focus: Tree-mendous Trees! Pruning and grafting trees for health and productivity!
Fruit Focus: Peaches


August 1 Harvest
Week Focus: Fruits of Your Labor! Learn when crops are ripe and how to harvest them!
Fruit Focus: Blackberries


August 8 Nutrition/Cooking
Week Focus: Crops to Tabletops! Food’s journey from the field to your fork is fascinating! Join in the fun as we cook up some delicious and nutritious recipes!
Fruit Focus: Pears