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Educational resources for Johnny Appleseed's birthday.Educational Resources for Teachers: Create Your Own Agricultural Lesson Plans

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Summer Educational Resources for Parents

Bring your kids to our summer learning programs!

Read ‘n’ Pick Story Time

Looking for things to do with the kids on a summer day? Bring preschoolers, kindergarteners and elementary school children to Weaver’s Orchard for Read ‘n’ Pick Story Time, an interactive summer kids’ activity where children hear a fruit-themed story and then pick a container of fruit in the orchard.

Orchard Explorers

Food’s journey from the field to your fork is fascinating! Join in the fun as educator Brandon Hertzler connects children to the wonders of farming through games, stories, and hands-on learning. This program is geared for children ages 7 to 10+.


Educational Resources For Home Gardeners: Fruit Tree CareEducational resources for home gardeners

For questions regarding the planting of fruit trees, Adams County Nursery has a planting guide with the planting practices that we use.

For questions regarding the pruning of fruit trees, we highly recommend following the advice of the Penn State University’s Agricultural Extension.