Spiced Peaches
Transcribed from handwritten notes in Cookbook of Lizzie S. Scott, 1887, from the Berks County History Center archives. Modifications have been noted with brackets.
  • 7 lbs fruit [peaches]
  • 3 lbs sugar
  • [6-7 sticks] cinnamon
  • [9 whole] cloves
  • [1 cup] vinegar [such as white wine vinegar]
  1. To seven lbs of fruit [add] 3 lbs of sugar. Melt [dissolve] with half pint of water, let your fruit come to a boil. Add cinnamon, cloves and tea cup of vinegar [1 cup].
  2. [Let cool, add to a jar and refrigerate. Serve with hot ham or turkey.]
Recipe by Weavers Orchard at https://www.weaversorchard.com/downtown-reading-19c-peach-orchard/